You know the problem,  

you are currently enjoying a really low mortgage rate and don't want to jeapordise that, but you really want to borrow some more money for some of those little extra's you've been promising your self.At one time a remortgage offered the solution but today, new mortgages are often more expensive than your current deal.

A possible solution?

 Secured Personal Loans

Secured Loans enable you to borrow extra money cheaply but still leave your existing mortgage intact. Available to Homeowners and generally allowed for any prupose with repayment terms of upto 25 years, Secured Loans offer a solution to the issue facing a lot of Homeowners today. 



Loans are not regulated by the Financial Services Authority



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MAPS  offers access to a wide range of loan providers whatever your circumstances.

Being independent enables us to compare all suitable providers to ensure you are getting not only the most suitable loan for your particular circumstances but also the cheapest.

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